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Private American Overseas Day School offering English instruction

Our Campus

Our Campus

SCCS is committed to providing students with the best resources possible through continued improvement of the campus and facilities. As a result, SCCS today is located on a seven-acre campus with two major areas: one for Primary Education and one for Secondary Education. Landscaped grounds and common facilities join the two areas.

  • Large classrooms with air conditioning
  • Multimedia classrooms from pre-kinder through high
  • Internet access in all classrooms.
  • Medical Care Center with a full-time doctor
  • Science laboratories in the secondary division.
  • Four computer laboratories.
  • ESL/SSL Center.
  • Library Media Center.
  • SCCS Performing Arts Center and Theater
  • Two Student Counseling Centers.
  • Sports complex
  • Sports field with lights for night games
  • Multiple playgrounds in elementary school
  • Full-service cafeteria