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Other Activities

Middle School Knowledge Bowl

Each year the middle school social studies department organizes and hosts a Middle School Knowledge.

Students qualify by taking a preliminary test in their social studies class and the top 6 sixth, seventh and eighth graders are chosen to compete. Teams are then organized with 2 students per grade level. The teams play three rounds answering questions ranging from pop culture to ancient history. It is an enjoyable event with a “game show” feel with a buzzer being used by each team in order to be chosen to answer the question. This annual event takes place each November.

Middle school STEM FAIR

Middle School students participate in an annual event where working together

with a team of classmates, they need to apply their Science, Technology, Engineering and math skills to solve a task given to them. The STEM Fair is held every year towards the end of the first semester. Students work for a period of 6-8 weeks on a specific task given by the teacher; One task per grade level. Rather than an experiment carried out to test a hypothesis, a STEM Fair project could be the investigation of phenomenon or an engineered solution to a problem, a real world connection, focus on learning rather than a product, or presenting a video, a project, model, or prototype. All middle school students participate and enjoy showcasing their projects to family, friends and judges! One of the highlights of their science year!.

rade band performs in December, March, and May!

Middle School Spelling Bee

The Middle School English department hosts a Spelling Bee each year at the end of the second semester

The Spelling Bee is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. Students take a preliminary spelling test in their English class and the top 6 students from grades 6, 7 and 8 are chosen to participate. The contestants are given a list of words that they can review/student prior to the competition.Students are allowed to misspell one word during the competition, on their second error they are removed from the competition. Typical Spelling Bees can last up to 12-15 rounds of spelling.

Secondary Math Bowls

Both Middle School and High School host “Math Bowls” during the second semester of the year

Students sign up to participate in this event and teams are made up of students from different grade levels. In Middle School, teams are made up of 6-8 graders and in High School, the teams are made up of 9-12 graders. Four teams compete in a preliminary round before moving on to a final championship round before a champion is crowned. This event offers an opportunity for our students to showcase their mathematical skills as well as have a fun evening of academic competition.