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Santa Cruz Days

Santa Cruz Day and Student Day

On September 24, 1810, Santa Cruz took the first step towards its liberation from the Spanish yoke. Every September 24 SCCS  (Cooperativa Educacional Santa Cruz) pays tribute to the martyrs who fought for our independence with a civic act, to preserve culture, encourage creativity and develop the patriotic feeling of students, organized by the Department of Spanish and the support of the Intermediate level Music teacher, with poetry, dances and songs.

Each class teacher prepares a song, poetry or dance number, related to the traditions of Santa Cruz. The music teacher is in charge of presenting a song with a lower secondary level. The civic hour lasts 30 minutes and the director and principals are in charge of making the speeches related to the subject. The entire school community is invited: Board of directors, parents, teachers and students.

Also on that day, Student’s Day is celebrated. A “Illustrated Poetry” Contest is held in advance and with the collaboration of the Art Department. For this contest, the Upper and Lower Elementary are invited to participate. They can choose the theme of their poem between: Love, student, September 24, Santa Cruz.

Once the theme has been selected and the poem has been written during the Spanish classes, the students, with the support of the art teacher, begin the illustration. This takes about two to three weeks of work. Once the work is completed and delivered to each teacher, a meeting is held and a jury is appointed, to choose both. the three best poems, and illustrations. They are given an award that is donated by the Art Department or the Mothers’ Club is asked to support us with it.

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