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Shakti Méndez

Shakti Méndez

ESL/SSL Coordinator

Shakti M. Méndez L. comes from a family of educators, you could say that teaching runs in her blood. She was born in Tarija but was raised in Cochabamba where she studied at CCS. Her family moved to Santa Cruz in 1998. She studied Graphic Design and Publicity at UPSA and Psychology at the Domingo Savio Private University. Shakti has been tutoring and teaching since she was 15 years old. She began working at SCCS in 2011. Shakti Méndez is currently the ELL & SLL department coordinator. She works with students of K-12 grade levels and also does the placement evaluations for K-12 new students entering SCCS. She is currently working on getting her Master’s Degree in Teaching English and Spanish as a Foreign Language. Other than teaching languages and working with children, Shakti loves painting, art, music, and nature.