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Selena Skelly

Selena Skelly


Selena Skelly has taught at SCCS for the past eight years and currently teaches 11th grade English, 12th grade English, and 12th AP English Literature. She is also English Department Chair. She has taught a variety of subjects and grades, and also worked in educational administration, over the past twenty-one years at schools in four different countries. Originally from Connecticut, she earned her Masters in Education from Framingham State College in Framingham, MA and her Bachelors in English and American Literature from Brown University in Providence, RI. where she also completed the Undergraduate Teacher Education Program, gaining her teaching certification in 7th-12th grade English. She recently completed the College Board AP English Literature and Composition Mentoring Program. She also completed PROFOCOM (Programa de Formación Complementaria), a program for teachers in Bolivia.