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Rose Montaño

Rose Montaño

ES Assitant Teacher

My name is Rosa Ma. Montaño Del Alcázar, and I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on October 12, 1994. Currently, I am twenty-six years old.

I studied Psychopedagogy at the Bolivian Catholic University, a wonderful profession that allowed me and continues to allow me to be part of the beautiful development of the human being, especially in childhood.

At the present time, I am applying for the International Graduate Program for Educators at Buffalo State University.
I started working with children in 2017 as a therapist and then as a para-educator and now as an assistant teacher.
Every human being is a universe of stars that deserves to shine as much as possible and working with children allows you to see this explosion of stars. Being part of the SCCS community gives me the joy of loving what I do and continuing to grow as a person and professional.