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Olvin Funez

Olvin Funez

ES Teacher

Hi! Olvin Funez here! I am 35 years old. I am originally from Honduras but raised in California. My mom migrated to the USA in 1990 and returned to Honduras for my sister, brother and me. I was 6 years old when I arrived illegally to the USA, not knowing a word of English. It was hard at first but a special person made it easier for me. This person was my first grade teacher Ms. BarthoIomew. I remember her staying after school with my siblings and me to teach us English. Now that I reflect back on this moment, I think this is why I am a teacher today.

The first time I started to teach was in a rural village in Honduras. I was the only person that spoke English and I was asked to teach English to students in junior high. Some of these students walked across mountains and plains for hours just to get to the school. I saw the enthusiasm they had to learn and it really motivated me to pursue a teaching career.

I obtained my teaching degree from Baja California University. I started as an assistant teacher and moved up to a teaching position. I’ve been in education for over ten years now. My experience and expertise is in lower elementary. I’ve taught elementary grades for the past ten years in Honduras, Mexico and now Bolivia. I love to see the growth students make academically and socially in their first years. I think an educator plays a huge role in developing young minds to be successful and happy human beings.

I consider myself to be an easygoing person. I like to play sports and be active. I also like to dance to carribean music. I like to write poetry when I’m inspired (usually by my students). I consider myself to be a good cook and enjoy doing it, if I don’t have to do the dishes. I love to travel when I have the chance to.