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Norma Crespo

Norma Crespo

ES Assistant Teachers

Hi! My name is Norma Crespo. I was born in Montero, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. In 1987 I was in my second year at university when I had the opportunity to start a dreamed adventure: to visit the old world! So, I traveled to England and studied English as a second language. Once I finished my studies, I stayed for a few more years in London. I had fallen in love with that city, and that is why I ended up living almost eight years away from home! It was an extraordinary experience and an unforgettable time of my life!
After that, I came back to Bolivia and worked for three years at an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), and another three years as an English teacher at CBA, Centro Boliviano Americano. Those years made me realize how much I enjoyed teaching and being able to help children. But it was only when I was working at SCCS and being surrounded by so many kids that my eyes and heart opened to reality: I had found my purpose in life!
So, here I am now, almost 22 years later, as a happy member of the SCCS community. I have been an assistant teacher since then, and currently, I am the Assistant Teachers Coordinator. In addition to that, I am proud that I have managed to retake my studies at “Universidad Evangélica Boliviana'' and soon I'll be able to get my degree in “Comunicación Multimedia Estratégica”. I´m looking forward to it!