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Nicole Vega

Nicole Vega

ES Teacher

My name is Nicole Gabriela Vega Luizaga. I was born in Miami, Florida, USA, and I am a grateful mom of a three year old girl called Saramía. I am also a proud ex-alumna of SCCS, which is my second home since 1990 when I started in Pre-Kinder. When I graduated from SCCS, I decided to get my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. When I became a psychologist, I got an unexpected call from school to become part of the staff. I was so thrilled! Then, after starting to work, I decided to get my masters degree in Education from the SUNY Buffalo State College program, which I did after many years of hard work. I am currently a third grade teacher and have been an ESL teacher, a Pre-Kinder teacher, and a Kinder teacher too. This school year I was tremendously lucky to get my former students from Kinder and be their teacher in third grade. It was amazing to see how they grew and matured. I have been working in SCCS since 2009, making this my eleventh year as a staff member and teacher. What I enjoy most about my work is being surrounded by loving children that admire and look up to you. My goal every day is to challenge my students and give them tools to become better students and people. I feel blessed to be part of our school, to have wonderful students, and amazing colleagues!