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Natalia Zuazo

Natalia Zuazo

Math Teacher

Natalia Zuazo was born and raised in La Paz, Bolivia. She attended ACS, graduated with a dual diploma, and went to study at Lesley University as a bilingual student. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education (1-6) and a minor in Family Studies and Human Development. She returned to La Paz Bolivia in 2002 and worked in St. Andrews School for 3 years as a homeroom teacher and later the math teacher for 5th and 7th grade students. She was the specialist who knew and taught using the TERC program. Later she moved to Santa Cruz, Bolivia and worked in the Santa Cruz International School (SCIS) for a year and later at SCCS. She has worked at SCCS for 15 years as a kindergarten, 4th grade, ES and MS substitute, and currently as the MS Math teacher for the last 4 years. During her elementary school years she was an upper school coordinator and was part of various committees. She believes in hands on and project based learning to help all students achieve their academic potential. She has a strong technological background and has implemented technology in Math such as the 3D scale printing project in 7th grade.