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Mr. Hudson Thurston

Mr. Hudson Thurston
Middle School Principal

He was born in Boston, Massachusetts but grew up on the island of Nantucket. After graduating from high school he attended the University of New Hampshire and graduated with a BA in Social Work in 1991. He served in the United States Peace Corps in Bolivia from 1993-1995 before returning to the US where he worked both in Nantucket Elementary School and Bill Childress Elementary School in El Paso, Texas. He earned a Post-Baccalaureate degree in Bilingual Education and ESL from the University of Texas in 1997 and later a Masters in International Education from Framingham State in 2007. Recently, Mr. Thurston earned a Certificate of International Leadership from the Principal’s Training Center. Mr. Thurston began his career at Santa Cruz Cooperative school in 1999 as a 4th grade teacher, later moving on to teach middle school and eventually to become the Middle School Principal. Mr. Thurston is married, has two children enrolled at SCCS and is very happily settled both living and working in Santa Cruz.