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Miguel Blancourt

Miguel Blancourt

ES Teacher's Assistant

My name is Miguel Blancourt, but I prefer to be called Mike so you can call me like that with confidence. I was born on April sixth in Cochabamba, Bolivia. My whole family is actually from different parts of Bolivia, most of them from La Paz. I’ve lived in La Paz during my childhood, in Cochabamba during my teenage years and all high school, and for the last five years I’ve been living in Santa Cruz. I have graduated from the “Centro Educativo Jaime Escalante” or C.E.J.E. for short in Cochabamba, they’re not a bilingual school but they are really good teaching. I was studying Forensic Psychology at the Franz Tamayo University(Unifranz) for three years after I graduated from school in 2015, but sadly I had turned it down for personal reasons. Luckily I’ll start over again this year! Before working on education I used to be a waiter, that was my first job for the whole 2018 year and probably we had met at any moment. Since 2019 I began working on education officially first doing some tutoring, then I began a training to become a Para Teacher and also worked at some bilingual schools like the “Bolivian British School”, “Santa Cruz International School”, “Bolivian German School”, “Santa Cruz Cooperative School” and a few other schools. This 2020-2021 I began working as a Class Assistant Teacher here at the SCCS and I was received warmly by the school and the 4th grades (A-B) parents. I really liked and loved the school in just a few months after I began working here. I really hope to keep working here and be many years with you!