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Maria Ines Fernandez

Maria Ines Fernandez


Hi, Im Maria Ines Fernandez. I was born in Louvain, Belgium, and came to Bolivia when I was 3 years old. I studied at SCCS, graduating as part of the SCCS Class of 1985. I studied Gardening and Landscaping in Buenos Aires, Argentina and then after a few years of working in that field, I started working as a substitute teacher at SCCS. Coming from a family of teachers, (my mom and my brother are also teachers) I enjoyed this job very much and I was soon hired as a TA in Preschool in 1993. I went back to school and studied Educational Psychology and continued with an educational career at SCCS completing several courses and training programs. I taught preschool for 15 years, Kindergarten for 12 years and now this past year I was trained for Readers and Writers Workshop and I have been teaching 6th and 7th grade Reading and Writing. I have really enjoyed working with students who I know since they were little ones. It really makes a difference to already have a relationship with your students, especially during the pandemic, where developing a relationship with your students, has been a real challenge.
I feel very blessed to have been able to send my three children to our school. The last one graduated last year. As an alumni, a mom and a teacher at SCCS, I can tell you that there is no better place to be! SCCS is and has always been a second home and family to me.