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Kristen Olsen

Kristen Olsen

Curriculum Director

Dr. Kristen Olsen is the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Innovation at SCCS. She has over twenty years of experience in education and has worked as a classroom teacher, a building administrator, a district administrator, an adjunct professor and as a director at ASCD.

Kristen is passionate about student engagement and creating classrooms that inspire wonder. She has worked on redesigning curriculum at the district level to
match the Common Core State Standards and delivered professional development on a wide range of educational topics around the world. She has worked closely with teachers to develop both their content and pedagogical skills and has experience leading PLCs, classroom walk-throughs, and data teams. Kristen was selected to be a Strategic Data Fellow at Harvard University and continues to work with them as an alumni mentor.

Dr. Olsen co-authored a book, Beyond the One Room School, which highlights
how to create classrooms that encourage creativity and risk-taking. While
working at ASCD, Kristen managed the EduCore website and Virtual Learning
Networks projects. She started her own business as an educational consultant working with schools and school districts on best-practices in instruction and leadership coaching.

Kristen earned a bachelor’s degree from Colgate University, a masters in
Aesthetic Education and a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from the
University of Denver. Her husband is the Elementary Principal at SCCS and their two boys are in 3rd and 4th grades.