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Gueila Villarroel

Gueila Villarroel

ES Teacher

My name is Gueila Villarroel Camacho, and I was born in Cochabamba. I earned my High School Diploma from San Francisco De Asís Fe y Alegría School, attaining a Bachelor's degree with majoring Psychology at the Gabriel Rene Moreno Autonomous University; I have also been accepted on future courses at the International Graduate Program for Educators with SUNY Buffalo State College. I developed my work experience in a Preschool environment, I performed in varied positions alongside knowledgeable and helpful colleagues in a cohesive and dynamic team, thus building a firm foundation for my future academic pathway. I have been employed in the Academic Administration area, side of my chosen profession. I am currently back working as an educator in the classroom. I decided to become a teacher because it combines my love for learning and the satisfaction I gain from witnessing pupils develop with my love for children, this position also correlates well with my genuine interest in other people’s cultures. My experience has helped me to realize that each human being has a unique background and unique strengths and capabilities. As we develop together in a combined and well-structured pathway to the delivery of the best possible education to children of a primary level.