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Galia Maria Medina

Galia Maria Medina

ES Assistant Teacher

My name is Galia Maria Medina Bravo. I was born and raised in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. I am an only child and I consider my parents my most valuable treasure. They made me who I am, teaching me their values and supporting me through life.

As a Psychologist, I am passionate about observing and learning about human nature. At the beginning of my undergraduate studies, I started to work with children as a classroom teacher for two years in a catholic school, a role which allowed me to feel a special connection with kids. From that experience I decided to study Children and Educational Psychology. During my journey on becoming a professional, I enrolled in many courses, webinars and workshops in the two areas I love: Clinical and Educational Psychology. Likewise, I was a volunteer for two years in a project held by the “Sociedad Boliviana de Neuropsicología” (SNpB) called “Escuela Intergeneracional” where I worked with people of all ages. Thanks to that I traveled to Bogotá, Colombia to learn more about Neuropsychology. After that experience , I completed a postgraduate course on Neuropsychology focused on the Young and Children population and another course about ”Laws that protects Children Rights in Bolivia’s Constitution”. I decided to work as a paraeducator in 2017, first in SCCS, then in “Cambridge School”.

Now in 2020, I am a happy member of this fantastic family and community, a place where I can be in touch with these beautiful souls we called students and this amazing group of professionals I called friends. A place where I learn everyday!