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Faustino Taborga

Faustino Taborga


Faustino Taborga has taught at SCCS two different times. From 1992 to 2000 he taught Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science, Earth Science, Middle school Math and High School Math. From 2013 until now in 2021 he's been teaching 8th grade Alg I, 9th grade Geometry, 10th grade Geometry, 11th grade Alg II, 12th grade SAT, Statistics, Calculus, and AP Calculus. He was also Math Department Chair for a couple of years. As you can see, he has taught a variety of subjects and grades, and also worked in other educational institutions over the past twenty-nine years here in Santa Cruz (Eagles’ School, SCIS, and German School). He is from Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia, he is a Chemist and a Chemical Engineer. He has completed many different seminars and the PROFOCOM from the government Plurinacional of Bolivia. During the pandemic he has learned a lot from Google programs, Eureka programs and many others required to teach online. He is ready to keep learning every single year until he retires.