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Emma Nutter

Emma Nutter


Ms. Nutter is currently in her fifth year of teaching chemistry and biology. Prior to moving to Santa Cruz, Ms. Nutter worked at Long Island City High School in New York City. Within her previous school, Ms. Nutter ran a hydroponic-based gardening club, worked alongside the school’s green team, and, during the summer, taught in experiential learning STEM programs. Through her years there, students have created service learning projects including, but not limited to, budgeting and blueprinting for rooftop gardens, budgeting and advocating for school-wide motion-sensitive lighting systems, as well as developing a sustainability-driven curriculum. At SCCS, she hopes to continue her work in student-led environmental initiatives.

Within the classroom, Ms. Nutter is dedicated to making each one of her students feel welcomed, heard, and valued. She aims to create a classroom environment where students can be excited about learning because they have developed the self-efficacy to make great achievements.