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Claudia Salvatierra

Claudia Salvatierra

ES Spanish Teacher

My name is Claudia María Salvatierra G. and I was born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. I studied at the Marist College in this city, then I studied General Administration at UTEPSA. I did a Diploma in Mod. Educ. Soc. Productiva and I am currently completing a Master's Degree in Education from the Univ. Buffalo NY. I have studied the Commercial Secretariat, Computer Operator, English Proficiency and Advanced Level of English at the Bolivian American Center, Credit Workshop and Mat. Financial: Banco Los Andes ProCredit, UAGRM Serv. Capacity. In Infrastructure Care and Conservation, Early Childhood Education, Universidad NUR, Guaraní Oral and Written Communication (Basic Level), Min. Of Education, Certificate of Achievement in Professional Development Teaching Young Children Virtually Bootcamp, Level 1 Certified by Google, Conscious Discipline. In my years of study I started working at Cotas Ltda. For two years, I went to work at Tigo for two years until I finished my studies and I needed time to prepare my thesis and I retired to do it and after finishing I traveled to EE. USA for four months to be able to practice a little my English that I had not finished yet. Then I went back and started doing replacements at SCCS until I had the opportunity to start working as a Teacher Assistant, which is where I have been since 2018 and I feel like I found what I like to do, which is working with children, in 2020 I They gave the opportunity to be the elementary Spanish teacher. I enjoy every moment that I spend with them and I want to continue training as an educator because this is the path I want to travel from now on. I am happy with the amazing team we have at school and I have a lot to learn in this long educational journey. I am proud to be part of this Educational Community!