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Clara Fernández

Clara Fernández


Clara Fernández Querejazu was born in Sucre-Bolivia in 1984, and moved to Montevideo (Uruguay) at the age of 2. She was raised in Montevideo but spent her teenage years in Paris. After graduating from school in France, she became a Molecular Biologist and Biotechnologist in Santiago de Compostela (Spain). In her early college years she won the prize for entrepreneur of the year, when she invented a drink to stop smoking. During her first years as a biologist, Mrs. Fernández worked at the CNRS in Orleans (France) where she did research on retina regeneration. At the age of 25 she decided to move to Bolivia for the first time, where she was offered a position as a Biology teacher in an IB school in La Paz. She has been a science teacher for the past eleven years. During that time, she co-founded a pre-school in Sucre, gave many seminars at the University about molecular Biology and Neuroscience, and recently finished a two years certification in educational leadership (CAEL) at Harvard University. She currently teaches Biology and Chemistry at SCCS, and is doing a Masters program in education at SUNY Buffalo State University (NY). Mrs. Fernández is fluent in Spanish, English, French, Gallego, and German. Teaching is her passion!