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Carolina Gioto

Carolina Gioto

ES Teacher's Specialist

My name is Carolina B.Gioto, and I’m 36 years old. I am married, and am a proud mom of a beautiful baby girl. I am the oldest of 4 siblings, which made me a responsible person from a very young age. I was born in Brazil, but have lived in Bolivia since I was 12, therefore I'm both a native Portuguese and Spanish speaker. I also did my middle and high school in an international English school which complimented my English speaking. I worked as a flight attendant in Dubai for 4 years. This, I believe, gave me an excellent opportunity to deal with countless nationalities and cultures and has given me people skills which is so useful in my relationship with the students. I finished University in Bogota, Colombia. Now doing a Master in IGPE Multidisciplinary Studies at SUNY Buffalo State College, which is adding to the teacher career I envision myself in. Currently working on SCCS, I found here the profession I love.
I aspire to be a highly charismatic, positive, and ambitious individual, seeking opportunities for self-growth and self-development, morally and intellectually.