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Carmen Tomelic

Carmen Tomelic

ES Teacher

My name is Carmen Lorena Tomelic Robles. I am a happy mom of 2 girls, a grandma of a young boy, a wife, an older sister of 3 amazing ladies and a proud daughter of Carlos and Carmen. My family is super important to me and I love spending time with them whenever possible,
Baking is one of the things I like doing other than teaching. I guess brownies are my specialty because everyone asks me to bake when we have a celebration. I enjoy sharing and making people happy!

School has been part of my life since always. I am an ex alumni, so it has been part of my life since 1982 in PK. I had great teachers and directors. After graduation I started studying Psychology and then got the opportunity to start working and be part of SCCS again, now as a Staff Member!
I’ve been part of the staff since the year 2000. My first year was as a 5th great Teacher Assistant. I was a Teacher Assistant for 11 years and very lucky because I got to learn from many great teachers. In 2011 I was asked to be a Classroom Teacher and started as a Pre Kinder teacher for the next 8 years. Now I am a happy First Grade teacher with an amazing First grade team and lots to continue learning. I am proud of being part of this great community, SCCS!

Years working in SCCS: 20 years
Years part of SCCS: Since 1982 as a PK student…
34 years
Degree: Psychology