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Annette Taendler

Annette Taendler

ES Assistant Teacher

Hello my name is Annette Taendler and I graduated from SCCS. I am a Bolivian-American who was born here but lived in the States for almost 24 years. I went to a college and studied graphic design.

I can’t believe I am now working as an assistant teacher here in SCCS. I have been an assistant teacher for almost five years. I love working with kids and love to see their sparkly faces when they realize they have just learned something. I like working with pre-kinder because I like the idea that I am helping to form future adults.
Working at SCCS has given me a chance to learn many things from experienced teachers. I worked with 5th grade, pre-kinder and art. I think I am a very straightforward person who likes to help and I am pretty flexible. Art is my forte and I love it.

When the pandemic started I wasn't sure how things were going to work at school. When I saw how organized things were, I felt a little more at ease, but was terrified of the virus. My friend's death didn't help. When we started classes I realized how prepared the school was to welcome us in, it made me feel a bit more at ease, together with finishing my google certification, and getting a certification in on-line teaching. It was really amazing to see everything that was done to protect us from the virus. I started working with one Pre-Kinder class where I was comfortable but then was changed to another one which happened to work out better. It pays off to be flexible. In my free time I tutor kids and try to rest on the weekends. There is no rest for the weary mother of two.