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Ana Carola Monasterio

Ana Carola Monasterio

ES Teacher

My name is Ana Carola Monasterio Pizarro, I am forty-four years old, married to Eduardo James for 25 years and a proud mom of two, Matias (21) and Mariana (17). We have a family business, it is a soccer school called El Semillero which we founded eighteen years ago.

I have an International Relationship degree from NUR University and have recently done a Superior Education Diplomado at UAGRM. I am now applying for the SUNY Buffalo Masters.

I am also an SCCS alumna and came back to school as an Teacher Assistant twenty-five years ago, worked for five years and then went as a first grade teacher to another school where I worked for another five years, until my husband and I decided to open El Semillero. I worked there as the manager from 2005 to 2019, learned and traveled a lot across South and North America. Soccer gave me more than I expected in life changing experiences. I am truly fortunate to say that I have been always surrounded by children of all ages at school and in my own soccer academy.

Coming back to SCCS after twenty years makes me feel very happy and excited to be part of the community once again. Once a Jaguar always a Jaguar!